Monday, 27 July 2015

Finished some drawings, with color!

So, I have finally finished coloring my drawing. It took some time for me to get my arse in gear to color it, but now it's done. I hope you like it. Keep in mind this is my first drawing on tablet, and first time ever coloring one of my drawings. Don't think I have colored in anything since I drew maps in school for geography when I was like 14, hehe.

Anyways, here is the first of hopefully many!

Drawing, manga, missy's mojo

After I finished that one, I decided I wanted to try and draw my character from WoW. I have tried many times to draw from WoW and always failed miserably. But this time I tried a bit of my own touch instead of trying to be so damn correct and this is what I ended up with. I want to make it better, but I need more practice, but I think it was a decent start.

Here is my night elf.

my first drawing of nelf, missy's mojo

At least they look totally different with different styles. I am happy I can switch it up a bit and not just draw the same thing over and over again.

I am really happy I started, it is so much fun! Even though my hand is now hurting from drawing, guess I am not used to it...


  1. Yesssss! So good! I hope you keep it up too, I love to see more new stuff!

  2. These look really great! Love what you do with the colors. So vibrant! Hope you keep drawing! :D