Thursday, 30 July 2015

Gaming Block?


I am currently playing a bit of WoW and I am subbed to FFXIV. And I feel eager to play, but the moment I start up the games I am at a loss as to what to do. I used to be good at giving my self some goal, so I could play, but at the moment I am just sitting there, what is the point. There is no point in playing games in the end, but on the other hand there is the point of entertainment. Guess I have come to a place where I am a bit stuck, thinking, why should I struggle so hard to make myself goals just to game?! Such a silly way of thinking about gaming though isn't it. MMO's have always been about setting your self goals and going for it.

Night Elf DK, pink hair, flying, outlands

Maybe it's time I sit down and start writing down some goals, so that it's easier for me too look at and doing them. Like - set an amount of gold I want to earn or leveling professions and such.

It all comes back down to the raiding part I think, deep down that is the thing that's holding me back from enjoying the games I play. I feel those lingering thoughts that I HAVE to raid in order to gain anything from the games. But is that really true? Loads of people play mmo's without raiding and have a good fulfilling time with the games, so why can't I ?

It's so strange that I can block myself so much from enjoying the games. Tsk tsk Missy, so silly.

I have my Miqoté in Bel's FC. And while I enjoy being there and love the people, I can't help but feel a bit lonely. It's my own fault, I don't really engage much when I am on. Guess I miss the time when I was on skype a lot with some people when I was on the Odin. But on the other hand, I can't sit on skype all day either. I do live with someone. But I do wish I had a leveling partner sometimes, only drawback of that is that I have to play at set times, and I hate that now. I want to play when I feel like it.

Female Miqote, yellow clothes, serpent

I know my two brothers are playing FFXIV too, but they are on an asian server. And it seems the FC is full anyways, and I don't think I want to level two characters either cause I don't want to leave Bel's FC.
See the silly things here, stops me from playing all together cause I can't even make up my mind where to play. I set such stupid barriers for myself. Is it me, telling myself I just shouldn't play at all? Heh, maybe it is. It's just my indecisive self taking control.

Maybe I should go back to doing what I do best, playing just to take screenshots !!?

Camping trip cancelled

As some of you heard, my camping trip was cancelled, which is a bummer. Nemo has been sick, vomiting a lot, having big swellings on his body and itchiness. It seems he keeps on getting allergic reactions of some sort. We still don't know what it is, we took a blood test, he is on a dose of cortisone. Because of that he cannot go on the trip that was planned.

We are all bummed out because of that, espesially dad who was planning the whole thing.
But we hope that in 2 weeks or so we can try again, if the weather is not to cold and damp.

Hopefully we can figure out what is wrong with Nemo soon, yesterday he could hardly see on one of his eyes because it was so swollen up. He seems okay now though, well he is on medicine so. He does not have an infection, the blood-test showed us that much, and we have sent in a picture of him to some dude that apparently knows a hell of a lot about these things.


I am continuing to draw. I experimented with some water paint in my Clip Studio Paint, while I am not happy with the drawing, I learned a lot from it and maybe next time the result will become better.

The biggest issue I still have, is the hair. but then again I haven't really tried looking it up on how to do it. I think it's just something that will come with a lot of practice. I really do hate this painting the more I look at it, but only way to learn is to keep on drawing and painting. The good thing is as with all the painting is that I can look back upon them and see what I did wrong and all that shiz.

This is the next drawing I am going to try working on.

I am usually happy with my sketching and outlines, but when I go in with the color pencil, things start to fall apart :P I think I might have to find some tutorials today to see if I can't get some help on coloring the hair. I think the hair is as important as the eyes to make the image pop and look good. So here is hoping I can do something better today then previously. I could always just close the gaps on the strands of hair and fill it color but time will tell how I deal with it.

I have started trying to color her, she is obviously not done and I might just remove everything and start again, but yeah TUTORIALS here I come!


As some of you know, Blaugust is soon upon us. The event Bel is holding, where we write a blog-post each day of the month of August. I participated last year, but I am not sure if I am joining this year. Knowing me, I probably can't resist the challenge, BUT last year was a hard nut. I struggled a lot and since I am not writing as often as I used to it's going to be tough. I got burned out last year, and I am not wanting that to happen again, so I might have to hold myself back and resist the urge to join. But if you want to join, head over to Bel and read up on it :)

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