Friday, 31 July 2015

The not so new adventure begins.

I have found out that I need to figure out some reachable goals for myself within the mmo's I play, which is FFXIV ARR and WoW.

So the first thing I want to do is set up some goals, without any timetable, but just a little list I can follow as I do play and progress.

Goals for WoW.

- Select a main. 
I don't feel WoW is a very alt friendly game anymore, so I need to pick a class that I will do everything on, so I can get some sense of accomplishment. Only reason to play is to try and get that feeling, it's what makes gaming fun for me, and probably a lot others?

Less dungeons, more questing.

- Engage in pet battle as I see pets.
I have never bothered with pet battles, it is time to begin.

Not get flying until it was intended in the expansions.

- Level up to level 100.

- Get Garrison and Shipyard up to speed.

-Level up a profession. 
While professions are not important anymore, it can be a lot of fun and it always feels like an accomplishment when finished.

- Get my first pet to level 25.

- Apexis daily to gear up.

- LFR to gear up.

- Get the next mount achievement.
I have 106 and the next achievement is for 150, so there is a lot to do there.

- Explore all maps.
While I have done most of the exploring on other characters, I want this one to have it all! ALL!

I have actually started with one goal already!
In WoW, I decided a hunter should be the main. It is a nice solo character, it can also collect it's own set of rare pets which give me an extra thing to do. They usually have at least one spec that is decent.

I knew I wanted alliance, but the I was unsure of the race, either Night Elf or Draenei. I ended up with - BABABABAAAM:

Just because I think armor look great on them, and they have nice curves!
With that done, I can actually scratch of one of my goals, I just need to focus on this character and not get distracted to much of others that I have.

It's going to be a long road, but I have done it before and shall do it again. Thankfully it doesn't go as slow as this snail that was stranded on the beach and for some reason is eager to get to the ocean.

I have already gotten my first pet, meet Rohan - the two headed pup, most of you have probably seen him before as he isn't really that rare because he is a mob that needs killing in a quest at the draenei starter area.

Here we are, getting to know each other, joined by the celestial dragon Sparkles.

I am already level 12 so this is going pretty good so far and I have ended up at Darkshore to continue our questing up to level 20!

Goals for Final Fantasy ARR.

- Get Conjurer to 30 

- Get Arcanist to level 15

Unlock White Mage 

- Get Warrior to 30

- Get Marauder to 30

- Start with gathering professions.

So there I have some goals to reach and it should keep me busy in the games. Now that they are on black and white, I hope to actually do them!

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