Saturday, 1 August 2015

On the 1st day of Blaugust!

Blaugust Day 1!
What, it has been a whole year already? A whole year since the first time I joined in the Blaugust challenge for the first time. Now I don't have my posts to look back upon because I have moved around from one blog to another, and chances are, I will move again at one point :P But that does not matter, I remember last years challenge well, it was TOUGH!

I struggled after the first 2 weeks, but I did finish the whole event and felt a big relief at the end of it.
This year I have one serious goal with the Blaugust, to post 15 posts. I may post each day of the entire month, but I am not making any promises to you or to myself, just to take some of the pressure off.

Luckily I have been super eager to write these past few days, so Blaugust could not have come at a better time. I want to wish everyone who is participating the best of luck! Even if you don't finish the challenge, you joined in, contributed and tried your best. The important thing is that you tried. But I am sure there will be many who will finish and it is going to be fun to follow all of you, even though it's gonna be a hell of a lot to read. I imagine I will have a BF complaining because I am so focused on reading stuff on my laptop instead of listening to him talk about gadgets, as he usually does ;)

Progressing on my list for WoW

Yesterday I wrote up a little list of things to do in WoW.
First things first, leveling up!
I started a new main, my hunter. She has actually leveled quite fast and is now at level 44!

While we were leveling, Sparkles the celestial dragon, really felt like sightseeing so we had to stop by an elder tree to take a photo, Sparkles was way to eager, but we got the photo and he is now a very happy dragon!

When Sparkles finally calmed down, we made our way to Stormwind, but then Rohan, the two headed pup, had to go make a friend... So we ended up having to take another photo. My pets are really eager with their instagrams. I can't believe it, but as I am a kind Draenei, I could not say no to him!

I did some pet battles, not to many, but I managed to get a few pets up to level 4. I did not stop to fight every single pet I found, because there were pets everywhere so I decided to just battle when I felt like it instead. But at least I have started on the pets.

I have not picked up any professions yet, I decided that I wanted to do that after I had leveled up to 100. Hopefully, if I am not busy tomorrow, I can reach level 60 and head out to Outlands. There I will do some serious question to earn some cash as I have none. Well, I have earned around 50 Gold, but what can you do with that these days? Perhaps buy some cheese?

Yes, I could buy cheese so I guess I can't complain. Cheese is good, cheese is nice!


On another note.. Geeze, I say that a lot don't I.
I have talked about this before, but it never happened. I want to rebrand. I have mentioned it multiple times, but I always end up not doing anything, either because I get a bit uneasy when people say don't do it, or because people are tired of me being so indecisive because I have moved back and forth with my blog.

Why do I want to do that?
For one, I want and need a change. I do not want to be labeled the anxious gamer anymore. While I still am an anxious person, I am on the path to recovery and I don't want my hobby to put this label on me anymore. I don't want people who have never been to my blog before and just think I am the anxiety. I am not, I have anxiety, but it isn't who I am.

I will always be Missy, I like the nickname and I will keep Missy. But I am unsure about the Mojo. I do like it - Missy's Mojo, it has a ring to it. But on the other hand, I don't feel any uniqueness with the word Mojo, and don't really feel Mojo suits me either.

Feel free to comment on it, if you disagree that is totally cool. But in the end, many people have rebranded after many years of blogging, going through many names and blogs. Sure it will hurt my blog to rebrand, change URL and whatnot. But this is not my livelihood or job, I don't have thousands of angry followers who will complain. If 4 people will stop coming over, so be it.

Look at me being all serious and harsh.

Anyways, I have no idea what I should rebrand to.
I have made up a list of words / keywords that I like, that has something to do with me and my hobbies and I thought I could try and mix and mash to see if there was anything that could sound nice, and feel right.

  • Gaming
  • Cloaks
  • Couch (yeah, I play on the couch okay :p)
  • Norwegian
  • Blog
  • Bows and Arrows
  • 80s (80s are the best mkay)
  • Girl
  • Chick
  • Nerd
  • Geek(y)
  • Nice
  • Bubbles ( I love bubbles)
  • Sparks/Sparkly/Sparkles (and sparkly things)
  • Sweet
  • Weird (yeah I don't mind weird, cause I am a bit weird)
  • Clouds
  • White
  • Lazy
  • Horror, horrifying, scary things
  • Screenshots, I love doing them
Yeah I am kind of stuck on words for the moment
Also thought of some names for the blog, which is laughable cause I lack imagination.

  • A dash of Missy (think someone suggested A dash of Mojo to me once)
  • A Bubble for your thoughts ( a bit to similar to  A Freckles for your thoughts though :/ )
  • A Bubble of Thoughts
  • Missy's Massively Online Gaming or MMOG for short (suggested by CrowingOne)
I am not thinking that the name should be aimed at gaming, because I do like to share other things, so a random sentence is something I am aiming for.

Anyways, thanks for stopping by. I hope you all will enjoy the Blaugust Event and good luck!
Leaving you some links to Bel's site (the organizer)
And to Anook!

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