Friday, 17 April 2015

What have I been up too?

Yesterday I wrote my Norwegian blog, Much frustration and annoyance from my side when writing it. Mostly about my anxiety towards death by cancer. It's one of my biggest fears, which consumes me when I am home. When I am not at home, that fear dissapears, being replaced by the fear of people instead. So that was my frustration last night, me not getting any downtime from any sorts of anxiety.

But that was not the intent of this blog. I...hmm, I didn't have any ideas for this blog, I just felt that it was about time I talked to you guys again. I don't want to get out of touch with you.

What have I been doing lately you ask ?

Well I skipped this weeks therapy session. I woke up that day, getting ready to fetch my clothes and as I got up, my back just failed. Immense pain between by shoulder and spine. I think I pulled a muscle, if that is the correct translation. I couldn't stand, I couldn't lay down, it was all just pain pain pain.

I tried to get up properly, I needed a shower before I went to the meeting but, I couldn't stand so I just had to make that call that today I need to be home. That was a bit annoying, but couldn't be helped. I will be there next time. Thankfully the pain was gone the next day, so it's all good now :)

I have watched the entire first season of Daredevil, and I loved it. I think it was a pretty good first season, bad part is, now we have to wait till next !

I have rewatched all the Star Wars movies, just because and found out that I really dislike part 1 and 2. The third is alright, and it's is nice to have seen them again, to make more sense of the 3 older movies. I cannot wait till number 7 is out, weee !

Strangest Tribe YouTube Channel

Yeah I made a channel for the guild. I have recorded some stuff and I thought it would be nice for the guild to have their own channel instead of putting the stuff on my channel. Makes it more organized and it let's people from the guild putting up stuff on it as well, since it's a shared channel. So far I have edited 2 videos for our guild.

It's just us having some Saturday night fun in some Pandaria raids. At first we tried 25man (was it heroic?) Heart of Fear, but we kept dying due to the boss mindcontrolling everyone. Safe to say you still need a certain number to kill that first boss, because once all is mindcontrolled, he resets. So we ended up having to clear it on 10 man, no one had actually cleared it on 10man so we couldn't go 10man Heroic version untill we cleared it 10man normal.

But that didn't matter, we still managed to have fun even though it was a walk in the park. And I made a video of us. Not much talking, but some. I was an idiot and didn't record my own voice, so a lot of the time people were just talking to thin air answering questions that wasn't heard. So I had to edit out most of the talking, which ended up with 3 short parts of small talk AND singing, about my panda. PFF :P

I know I know, most of you don't care for videos and youtubes that I make, but some might so I am sharing, cause I put effort into it. Going through an hour of footage or more, listening, watching it, editing it. Then having to find fitting music, making the music fit together and blablabla. So I share :) I love it, I had fun with it, and I love the people in it <3

Also made a video from us in Terrace of Endless Spring.
This video, well, it's mostly my pandarian ass, so not that exciting. But it took some effort into making this one too.

I am glad I can do this stuff, it helps me keep my mind of shitty things like death, being scared and all that dark stuff. I brightens my day, I can do something not only for me, but for the people in my guild. Even if people don't like it, that is fine, it was totally worth my time :) And I hope you watch the first one of us to get a feel for who we are and see why I love this guild.

Thank you.

Missy / Tine