Saturday, 2 May 2015

Newbie Blogger Initiative 2015

One year ago I started my blogging adventure. I have changed a lot since then, I started with screenshots only and then when May came, Jaedia told me to sign up for the Newbie Blogger Initiative. I took a few days before I actually did, I was scared to join anything involved with actual bloggers. I was scared of getting mocked about my blog and writing, but in the end I took the step and joined. And yes that was the best idea ever, really. Without it I would not have been blogging today.

What is The Newbie Blogger initiative ?
Well most of you who visit knows what this is, but I do have a few readers that don't actually blog, but maybe you would like to start. This is the time to do it.

Newbie Blogger Initiative is a grassroots community effort to support gamers who want to blog, vlog, stream, and podcast their passion for video games. The NBI was founded by Justin Olivetti of Massively in 2012, and it’s been carried on by the community an annual event.

The purpose of NBI is pretty basic.
Promote aspiring game bloggers.
Establish a friendly support network to nurture those bloggers.
Create an on-going community for bloggers that’s available 24/7/365

I encourage every person who wants to start blogging about gaming to visit and sign up.

I got in touch with so many bloggers last year, they encouraged me, supported me and gave me tons of help. I started to write because of this initiative, before that I never really wrote much. And after the event had ended I started to open up more, and started to write more personal stuff as well, because they supported me and gave me faith in my self.

You can ask about anything, you can get a mentor, there are different events, like gaming events or just blogging event. Sometimes you may even get offered to join in a podcast episode, I did last year and it scared the crap out of me, but I am so happy I did it. It helped me get out of my shell, it helped me not to be so nervous and that led me to get the courage to start with YouTube videos.

At the end of the event there will be nominations for different kinds of categories and you might win the awesome badges they hand out. It's just a picture, but I actually won 2 prices last year and I have wore them with pride the whole year, and will continue to do so because they mean a lot to me.

So if you want to join :

The most important steps to follow to get involved are as follows:
-Follow @newbieblogger2 on Twitter. If you don’t have Twitter, get it. Everyone uses it, and it will keep you the best informed.

-Bookmark and/or add to your reader. It will have major announcements posted on the front page.

-Sign up for a forum account, and add your blog to the list of sponsors or newbies depending on your status. Don’t know which would be more appropriate for you? Feel free to ask.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Thoughts about many things.

So I have started all that recording of WoW. I am currently uploading my fifth episode. And I have started to record a tanking series too, that I will put up when I am done with the first one / or in the middle of the other series.
Playlist here btw SELF PROMO!

Leveling an undead priest.

And I have had this thought about my YouTube channel. I mean I started it with a few horrors and then Indie games, and it's so far just a little channel. But, now I have shifted to WoW. Do I need to rebrand my channel / make a new one ? The WoW related stuff does it really fit into my channel ? Will people expect only WoW stuff there, will my other subs think: "OMG, WOW. BOORING - this isn't what I signed up for."

I mean it's just a tiny channel with 88 subs.
Nothing major, so I could stay put where I am, or start over. None of the options is any big deal really.

But all I hear everywhere is that you need to keep sort of the same content on your channel so people know what to expect.

On the other hand, I have started to not give a F***, and do what I want, and try not to care so much about what others think or might not think.

But I do love making videos, and while I will never be able to make a living off it, it will be a hobby of mine for many years to come. I just wonder how I should go about it.

Should I have 2 separate channels, should I have one WoW and one Indie + Let's Play and keep things tidy, or should I give zero F***s and just put everything up there, from flash games, to indie games to vlogs and WoW. I am confused.

And then there is all my old crappy videos, should they stay on there, or should they be removed. All this random thoughts about something so insignificant.

I do want a clean easy channel to navigate through, and I do want people to be happy when I upload something, but when there is so much different stuff going on there, will it confuse people, will they just pack up and leave? Well if they wanna leave, they can of course. I don't really worry that much about it, I don't want people to watch something they don't want to. That's bad for me and them.

What are your thoughts ? What would you do ?

Another note

The anxiety stuff... Here it comes.... :P I had two meetings today, they both went well. I took a bloodtest and I will have to wait for the results for a while... Meh I hate waiting for stuff like that, but it's just for checking certain levels. Hopefully I am not dying !

The therapist or psychologist, whatever they are calling themselves, told me to take care of myself better. I told him that I had celebrated my birthday and made the day just about me, that it felt really nice and that I hadn't been that happy in a very long time, I wanted to do this every birthday from now on. I congratulated myself, spammed photos and sang songs all day long. And all that stuff.

And he said: You know you are allowed to do those things when you don't have your birthday also. You aren't self absorbed or a narcissist for giving yourself attention. SOO, I am going to start taking ( yes TAKING :P ) more attention, I'm going to take attention AND give myself more attention. Yes. More me, less other people. Might sound weird to you guys, as all you read about on this blog is me, but in real life it's another deal.

He had the impression that I was so scared of what other people thought of me, that I didn't take care of myself. (hard for me to translate this conversation, so I hope you get what I mean) I don't have to have an excuse to do something nice for myself. I don't have to have an excuse to be happy, or to
do things that might point the attention to me. Everyone does that, it's how humans are, so so shall i!

So at the end of the day, all is fine, I have my moments of thinking OMG I am sick, I am going to die. But overall I feel okay.  He gave me permission to use my medication, I have been taking the anxiety medication, but I have been feeling guilty about taking them, but I shouldn't. So now I am going to take them when I feel the anxiety coming, instead of when it's at it's peek.

Goodday all / Goodnight all! :D