Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Unboxing Video - Geek Fuel!

I just subbed for a nerdbox! I could not help myself hehe. I decided to go for Geek Fuel's box, as the one I wanted did not ship to Norway and I don't really like the Loot Crate. Loot Crate seems to have a theme each time and if you don't like the theme then, well, you just get a whole box of something you don't like

Anyways I got my box yesterday, it is the box for June, but shipping took 2 weeks since I live in Norway and the box comes from the US. So while I get the box a bit later then US people, it was still fun to get :D

So here I am, getting my prezzies!

If you want a box, be sure to use my referral link :D

Here --->

Hope you enjoy the video :)