Who is behind the Mojo ?

Hi! My real name is Tine, but in the gaming world (mmo's) I go by Missy. I started a character named Missripley ages ago and someone started to call me Missy, and from then it stuck and most my characters are named Miss - something.

I started my gaming career as a young girl with Zelda, Willow, Final Fantasy series, Secret of Mana and alot of other games on nes, snes, playstation etcetc. Having two older brothers interested in games of course it would interest me as well ^^, I'm now 29 and just as interested in games as I was then, even more so.

My mmo career began around 2004 - 2005 when my best friend bought me World of Warcraft as a birthday gift. Ive been hooked ever since but after the WoD expansion came out, I have been busy jumping around mmo's trying to find something more interesting. I also make videos of other types of games, single-player and enjoying that a lot. But I am not on a set schedule as I don't always have the energy and/or the motivation for it.

Why blog? Well as I am having some issues with real life, struggling to have a normal life I am using some of my time blogging and making videos, to try and feel bit more social and to come more out of my shell sort of speak. Doing things that I find scary and yet a bit meaningful. 

I have been blogging since March 2014, and quite new. Last year I bought myself a domain and hosted it through Bluehost using Wordpress.org, but I did not like it at all so I returned to blogger which is the reason my blog is pretty empty again. I am going through a lot of changes and I felt it fitting to start from scratch. So my apologies for a pretty empty blog, and all my nice photos are gone. But it feels good to start with a clean and fresh page.

I love using Photoshop on my screenshots, to make them stand out. You can make incredible shots if you just spend only one minute in Photoshop. So expect to see many different screenshots. Many different videos as well. 
Never be afraid to say hello as I am always up for a friendly chat :) 



  1. I nominated you for the Creative Blogger award. You can find out more about it here should you choose to accept it – https://myinnergeekblog.wordpress.com/2015/05/05/creative-blogger-award/.

  2. Hello! I just found your blog and I am enjoying it greatly! I have always wanted to start a gaming blog myself, just never knew what to put down. But after reading your Goals for WoW, I think it would be a great start (If you are OK with me blatantly stealing the idea :)

    I will keep following you!

    1. Steal away. It took me years before I dared start a blog. I never knew what I would write. But now, I judt write what I want and whatever comes to mind. Its all about having fun in the end. So do it, start a blog I say :) I just moved my blog to WordPress though. Adress is in my latest post :) good luck on your blogging adventure!